For our client, we are developing an application where the majority of the users are located in Mainland China and we need to support push notifications for this group. Since Google and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) is blocked in China, we are looking to implement Baidu Web Push.

GCM requires the Google Play Services to be installed and we are wondering if Baidu needs something similar?

In the Amazon documentation, handling Push Notifications from Baidu Cloud Push, they state the following:

Install your app on to a Baidu-enabled device and capture the generated device token.

Now we are wondering if the Baidu Web Push is only supported on certain Chinese devices and if it's possible to test Baidu pushes on other Android devices that have Play Services installed.

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If anyone is looking for the answer:

We've integrated the Baidu Cloud Push on our own device (non-chinese), in Europe, and we were able to receive a push from the Baidu Cloud Push Console. So Baidu does not need any other services installed and will work out of the box after installing the SDK.

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