I somehow bricked my oneplus one phone badly.

It only loads directly to the recovery. Pressing vol up + power button or rebooting it with adb reboot bootloader doesn't get me to the bootloader. I think I erased the bootloader partition or deleted my bootloader.

Here comes the tricky part. I can't even sideload any file or access my internal sdcard because then i get the (with sideload e:footer is wrong, e: siganture verification failed or error opening /data/media).

Right now I can either flash the OnePlusRestoreTool(64GB) recovery or the colorOS recovery tool (both can't access the internal storage - button is not clickable). I thought I just have to mount my sdcard new, but I can't enter a shell command and most badly, I can't enter bootloader.

Please help me guys! :)


Since you can boot into recovery reflash your ROM - make a clean flash (wipe cache , dalvick cache , system and data .

If you can’t flash through twrp , then you have to use the flashtool ...

  • Sry, but I can't adb push any file on my phone. even sideload doesn't work. no shell command does work (so I can't mount or unmount my sdcard). – user244972 Nov 28 '17 at 21:58

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