How I can prevent apps from knowing which apps I've installed?

Is there something in premissions in settings or hack or trick with root access apps?


I'm not making my own answer as correct answer (although it is in some ways) to see if we have other options.

I found this XPrivacy that based on Xposed and it let take control of most API's to send fake data or deny apps requests.

There are 3 things here that might be valuable:

  • Xposed need root access. (and rooting device will wipe all data)
  • Installation (From rooting device to using XPrivacy app) is not easy and user should be advance.
  • Xposed not available for Android Oreo yet. Xposed Github Issue

Here is installed version on OnePlus 3t on android 7.1.1 (Oxygen OS 4.3) and result is success:

Using xprivacy to return empty list of apps for get apps list API

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