I want to run a script after booting from a Android TV box (Xiaomi Mi Box)
I tried a lot but nothing works. Is there any option to 'activate' an init.d folder?

  • Just a side note, some app services (e.g., Roku's) offer their own automation tools as part of their SDK's. Not systemic, but might be useful in specific scenarios.
    – Arctiic
    Aug 5, 2021 at 23:56

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You could go with to accomplish this.

There are several candidates for this e.g Macrodroid (free up to 5 macros) , Tasker (free 7 day trial) etc (but I am an intermediate user of the the latter hence prefer it)

Profile (or Trigger)

Create a Profile which allows triggering of the Task after boot:

  • Go to Profiles Tab and click the "+"
  • Event ➡ System ➡ Device Boot
  • Tap back to exit from this window


You will notice as soon exit, you will be prompted to link this to a Task

  • Scroll all the way up the Task list select "New Task + "
  • You can name this Task anything (optional).
  • Click "+" to add new Action
  • Code ➡ Run Shell [ Command (enter script command) , Tick "Use Root" if it needs root]
  • Tap back to exit from this task

Explanation: Soon after boot, your predefined script will be executed by Tasker

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