How can I limit data usage depending on whether the screen is on, or off/locked? For example, when the screen is off, data can only be sent and received at a reduced rate. Or, when the screen is off, data connectivity is reduced to 2G. I want to leave data on, but I don't want to let it chew through all of it.

I am aware of the data saver option, but it doesn't do what I want.

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You could try CleverConnectivity No Ads.

How it works

CleverConnectivity will automatically turn on and off connectivity (data/wifi/sync) while screen is OFF.

For example if the user chooses below configuration: Time On: 2min Time On Next Check: 1min Time Off: 10m Usage check Interval: 3s

  • Once the screen is OFF, CleverConnectivity will keep connectivity alive for 2min. Then it will check if data is used during a period of 3s.

  • If data is used, connectivity will be kept for 1 minute (Time On Next Check).

  • If data is NOT used, connectivity will be deactivated for 10min. After this, the connectivity will be re-activated and Time On will kick in.

  • Once screen is ON, connectivity will be automatically re-enabled.

  • With a custom ROM there is also an option to keep conneectivity to 2G only whilst screen is off.

enter image description here

NB (from author): This app is not yet fully compatible with Android Lollipop 5+ as Google has restricted the access to the method to toggle mobile data programatically


Use Tasker app which can disable the internet connection automatically when the screen is off. Configure the app as below:

Profile: Screen Off

Context: (Event) Screen off


Clear variable %SCREENSTATE
Stop if %POWER ~ ON
Disable "Mobile Data" (With "Keep MMS" if you want)
Disable "Auto-SYNC"

Set Profile's Task Priority to 6

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