I recently installed a new Custom Rom (Resurrection Remix) on my phone.

Since then, my Internal Storage has been acting weird. It's size and usage are shown as negative values as observed in the attached pictures.

Settings -> Storage Internal Shared Storage

Apps are installed in Internal and working fine, no problem there. But I'm not able to access the files or Download other stuff like pictures and music into my internal. I have to resort to external SD card for that.


That is because you have MMC inserted while booting. This issue is commonly seen on Android devices running Android 7 nogaut. If you have AOSP for Android 7 then modify the below file: /frameworks/base/core/java/android/os/storage/StorageManager.java

Interchange the position of mmc and sda storage path


private static final String[] INTERNAL_STORAGE_SIZE_PATHS = {


private static final String[] INTERNAL_STORAGE_SIZE_PATHS = {
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