Can I use Samsung Galaxy s7 wall Charger on S8?

I'm concerned about damaging the s8. and could not find real solid specs online.

  • Shouldn't be a problem. I always used a charger from different phones, never had a problem
    – aBochur
    Dec 5, 2017 at 2:16

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As a supplemental answer to what @beeshyams already wrote...

S7 comes with a EP-TA20 series charger, capable of QC 2.0, rated for 9V 1.67A or 5V 2A.

On the other hand, S8 comes with a EP-TA200 series charger, which is near identical to the former one, except that its USB port has been moved from the side to the top, and comes with a USB-C cable by default.

Safe to say that as long as you get the USB-C cable right, the two makes no difference.

(Pictures courtesy of chongdiantou.com, a Chinese forum dedicated to chargers and batteries)

  • +1 Andy. I saw something similar researching he specs but couldn't obviously decipher Chinese :)
    – beeshyams
    Dec 5, 2017 at 16:08

Samsung says

....You can charge your phone using any Samsung-approved wall charger, but charging speeds may vary depending on the charger....

Further this reddit claims that S7 and S8 use the same charger

I am not sure what is the difference in charging speeds

In the absence of specs , it is not possible to say for sure, but I wouldn't hesitate since both chargers are Samsung and apparently similar as pointed in the reddit.

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