Android 7 is released on some countries, but not in my country, is there any way to change the region, so I can get the update (without rooting the device)?

I have Samsung J710F mobile phone.

Thanks in advance.

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    Just flash the update manually with Odin? – Andy Yan Dec 7 '17 at 8:36
  • Don't think it's possible without rooting. – Suncatcher Dec 7 '17 at 9:48
  • @AndyYan I knew about that, seems like there is no way to change the region, so, where I can find official release of Android OS? – Mehdi Dehghani Dec 7 '17 at 10:59
  • You could've searched a bit. SamMobile – Andy Yan Dec 7 '17 at 11:00
  • @AndyYan Thanks, I googled and I saw this website, also samsung-updates.com, I asked because I want to know is there any official/trusted place – Mehdi Dehghani Dec 7 '17 at 11:03

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