let's say i can a task called my_task. If i add a stop action and the beginning of the task:

stop my_task

my_task will stop inmediatly. What i want is, when my_task executes, it should check if it was already executing before, then stop that other instance of itself, and then continue with the rest of the task... Is it possible?


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That's what Tasker offers by default: if a task is already running, either the new instance stops immediately (default IIRC) or the already running one gets stopped. Should be in the advanced setting of the task:

Task Properties

Tap the settings button (bottom right in the screenshot) to open this screen, then chose in the drop-down box for "Collision Handling":

  • Abort New Task: The task won't be executed while another instance is already running
  • Abort Existing Task: If there's already an instance running, abort that and run the new one
  • Run Both Together: Let them collide, no matter how often

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