Is there a fix for the Google Nexus 6p Stuck In Boot Mode on Google Screen issue?

A couple days after I got an Android OTA update for Nougat from Google, the phone got switched off and it’s not switching on itself. When I try to start the phone, only the Google Logo appears for 5 seconds and then disappears and repeats the same.

The Google logo flashes as if to start up, going black and repeating. Have tried holding on/off for varying times – won’t turn on or off. Tried Reboot Reloader – starts flashing Google again Tried Recovery mode – starts flashing Google again. I have Taken the phone off the charger and I am Past the warranty period.

When I try:

  • Turn off the phone
  • Hold the volume down button and Power button simultaneously until the device switches on.
  • You should see “Start” with an arrow
  • Tap volume down twice and the power button to enter Recovery Mode
  • Hold the power button then press and release the volume up button
  • Use the volume buttons to select wipe data/factory reset
  • Choose “Yes – erase all data” with the power button

I get an error

  • What bootloop issue? What did you do and what happened?
    – Dan Hulme
    Dec 11, 2017 at 17:28
  • I can't believe your post was downvoted. Stackexchange has turned to poison. I found your information helpful although it did not solve my problem Mar 2, 2019 at 15:03

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The best way is to send it back for the repairs. Another alternative is to reinstall the OS although is a topic in itself (XDA Developers Forum is the best place to find an answer on how to do that for your version of OS).

I have the same issue with Nexus 5X which I sent for the repairs, less hassle.

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