I have developed an app for a job that will be used by their customers.

Each customer (Anonymous) enters there, uses app (tablet) and then leave.

The thing is that I want the users not to leave my app on tablet.

For this purpose I have blocked back button with a pass code but still the user can press home button, multi task button, or even swipe notification bar down and go to other locations.

Up to now I am thinking of a custom ROM that allows me block or remove all this possibilities. Although may be more simple ways than a custom ROM may be available that didn't reach to my mind.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance. TG.

  • Please note that asking for software recommendations or other off-site resources (including custom ROMs) is off-topic here. I've slightly adjusted your question to rather ask "how to achieve this". What you're looking for is kiosk-mode, so I've added that tag (you might wish to check other questions using that tag).
    – Izzy
    Commented Dec 15, 2017 at 7:34

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The simplest way to set up kiosk-mode on Android is to use Google's Android Management API which works for any Android devices running Android 5.1 or above.

To lock the device on one app, or on multiple app, you define a kiosk policy like below, it will disable the navigation buttons (sample copied from Create a policy):

"applications": [
   "packageName": "com.example.app",
   "installType": "FORCE_INSTALLED",
   "lockTaskAllowed": true,
   "defaultPermissionPolicy": "GRANT",
"persistentPreferredActivities": [
    "receiverActivity": "com.example.app/.com.example.app.MainActivity",
    "actions": [
    "categories": [

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