The solution in accepted answer here works on Nougat 7.1.2 using Gboard

What do I say to make a new line when using voice recognition?

But irritatingly, microphone switches off when you move to new line or paragraph and you need to activate it again, breaking the dictation and thought flow

How to prevent that on Nougat 7.1.2 ( not rooted)?

Please don't suggest any apps

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You just simply say enter, as the enter key on the keyboard is responsible for adding a new line, same works with speech recognition.

I came across this thing when I needed to type a message on WhatsApp and the enter key was replaced by an emoji key. I tried this trick and it worked!


How to get a new line with voice typing in Android. This works with a Samsung Galaxy A51

1 Before activating voice typing icon press enter on phone keyboard several times bringing the cursor right down the page.

2 Activate Voice typing, Starting as normal at top of page.

3 When requiring new line or paragraph, just touch down below line with finger and proceed.

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