What is com.google.android.ext.services? I accidently found this app in the running list and when I open it contains a settings and then it have opening links option inside it that contains the apps that I have installed in my phone and this help me to disable some of Google apps that I can't do in settings.

I have provided the screen shots of my phone, I disabled about 4 google apps with this and it can also have the option to disable the sytem's important apps like "message" etc. When I searched it in google and mi community I can't find anything and I want to know the thing behind this.

It also contains an option "special acces" which contains details about apps usage and battery optimisations etc.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

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com.google.android.ext.services is a package found in Gapps.

The answer to this previous questions should provide the explanation on what the app does.

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