I've got a Sony X900E TV model with Android 7.0 installed, with Logitech K400 Plus keyboard connected to it. My issue with them is the fact that it is impossible to switch the language.

The only way to get the language that I need is to go into Settings -> Keyboards -> Physical keyboards -> [select language], but this cannot even be considered a workaround because these steps are required every time you switch the language, as it only works until you switch the language with Win+Space(which actually toggles between virtual keyboards), after which it restores to defaults (English) and you have to go through all the steps again.

PS: I've tested the keyboard on Xiaomi MI5s (Android 6), where Ctrl+Space works perfectly. Moreover, Android 6 had the feature to select multiple languages for physical keyboards and toggle between them, which apparently was removed in Android 7, because you either leave the defaults, or select only 1 specific language.

Is there by any chance a feasible workaround (or maybe a real fix) for this kind of problem?

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So I found the answer in installing a separate App called External Keyboard Helper (which has a pro and demo version), have set the language switching shortcut in its options and it worked perfectly fine for me.

However, I still consider it a workaround, and that this needed to be a feature implemented into Android 7.

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