When I searched the option, it shows up. When I click on it, it leads me to the top of Developer Options. But nowhere on the list do I see the Force RTL option. This is very frustrating and I can't seem to find anyone talking about it online. My old phone e was also a Huawei and the same problem happens. Both my parents have Huawei phones and neither of them have the option either. How can I get the Force RTL option out and apply it? Somebody please help! Thanks a lot!

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RTL Layout and Huawei... I don't think you can change the layout yourself unless you're a software developer. Well yes, this is a software issue; I talked to a salesperson from Huawei and he told me that it should be possible to integrate this option with a software update. He promised me to tell the people who are developing Huawei-software about RTL layout. I'm left-handed and I find RTL Layout better. I own a Samsung by the way, it has RTL layout option. cheers.lina

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