How to take a selected-area-screenshot, so that it's copied to clipboard automatically once it's selected? (exactly like Win+Shift+S on Windows, but I need it for Android)

This will enable me to quickly —saving tremendous time & pain (when I need to reuse this a lot)— paste it within any note taking application (like Squid).

I use Squid a lot in split-screen-view with a book reader app (like ezPDF) and many times I need to take selected-area-screenshot of a part from a book to drop it in my note paper in Squid where I'm taking notes.

One way to do this is to use Samsung's Smart Select, then share the selected-area-screenshot to Squid. This unfortunately forces opening Squid in full screen (which destroys the split-screen-view, so I need to waste time again to set the split-screen-view of the two apps). Also, in Squid, it forces creating new separate useless note (not the one I'm working with, so I need to waste time again re-navigating to my original note after copying my captured selected-area-screenshot to clipboard, and then deleting the useless note). This wastes a lot of time.


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Instead of using Samsung select copy paste use the inbuilt options from ezPDF

From the floating 3 dot menu at right centre → Menus → Edit → snapshot → select the area and take snapshot → share with → Squid (choose always since you do that frequently).

The picture gets posted in Squid without switching apps. Here's an example of both apps in split screen mode with transfer of screenshot

enter image description here

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There are two methods that may help to solve this problem. The first perfect solution is using "Gboard"(Google Keyboard) which can copy the selected-area-screenshot to clipboard immediately. The second need to use "copy to clipboard" app to "share" the screenshot to clipboard and thus can not automatically copy the screenshot to clipboard.

Gboard - Automatically copy to clipboard

try Gboard(the Google Keyboard) as the page say. Enable "Save recent screenshots in clipboard" option may help.

  1. in Gboard's settings, click the "Clipboard" as the following.

Clipboard settings

  1. enable the "Save recent screenshots in clipboard" option.

"Save recent screenshots in clipboard" option

Copy to clipboard - share to clipboard

I've tried the above method but I didn't have the option "Save recent screenshots in clipboard" in Gboard's Clipboard settings. So the following is the second method I figured out.

using copy to clipboard.

copy to clipboard

After capturing screen, my Android device will prompt me whether to edit the screenshot(like cutting and painting) or share to other devices or other apps. Therefore, after installing the "copy to clipboard" app, "copy to clipboard" app icon will appear on the "share to other apps" prompt as the following.

copy to clipboard

click the "copy to clipboard" icon and the screenshot will be copied to clipboard. This uses the same mechanism when you copy image in the browser on your Android device.

The advantage of "copy to clipboard" over "Gboard" is that you can edit or cut the screenshot before copying to clipboard and the image will also be saved to photo album.

Hopefully, these two methods can help.

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