I am interested in installing Whatsapp on Android 1.6 (Cyanogenmod 4.2) on a rooted HTC Dream G1. Is there any way to install it?

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From the whatsapp site, the minimum requirements are Android 2.1, so even if you managed to find the APK and side-load it onto the G1 running 1.6, it probably will not work.

Stable releases of CyanogenMod 5 (Android 2.1) and 6 (Android 2.2) are both available for the G1. You can install Whatsapp if you upgrade to CM 5/6.

  • I already tried out CyanogenMod 5 but its too slow and hangs a lot. So, I shifted back to CyanogenMod 4. I was just curious if there was a work around for Android 1.6
    – Neel Mehta
    Jan 30, 2012 at 18:15

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