I recently bought myself a Xiaomi Mi A1. Because it has a microSD card slot I'd like to buy a card. I noticed that some have NFC. Is it worth It? Is this real NFC or just a gimmick feature to buy such cards?

Will my A1 with Oreo recognize it and enable it or do I have to use apps to get this working, if this purchase would make a sense? An example of the card.

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    The card you linked is an SD card, not a micro-SD card. You can't use a normal SD card in your phone. – Dan Hulme Jan 4 '18 at 16:10
  • My mistake, sorry- – S4NNY1 Jan 4 '18 at 16:12

Mi A1 does not have NFC support. See specs here so it doesn't make a difference what card you buy. How you plan to use the card (external storage or ), what you plan to store on it are important factors in deciding which card to buy. See second question linked below for help

I am using a Samsung card and it is recognised. You don't need to use an external app


  1. Is it possible to add the NFC to the phone which does not have it?

  2. What is the minimum MicroSD speed necessary to extend the storage of an Android phone?


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