I got a Lenovo Essential tablet. I have a problem that when someone call me via Facebook Messenger, the table only vibrates, it doesn't call any sound at all. But the sound for Facebook messenger's notification like - incoming inbox message, miss calls, still works. Looks like only the ring tone for calls is not working.

what I have tried that doesn't work:

  • Clear data for Facebook messenger.
  • Re-install Facebook messenger.
  • In Facebook messenger -> Notifications & Sounds, I enabled everything.

I check this article

Go to Settings-apps- messenger. In there will be an option that says notifications. For some reason it was set to low priority and silent. I changed it and it's been working perfectly

but I can't find any thing (I see "Show notifications" checkbox, but it has already been checked) Android Messenger Settings (sorry for the image's quality, I can't figure out how to take screenshot with this Lenovo Essential tablet)

So how can I enable ring tone for calls in Facebook Messenger?

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