Similar thread to this one.
None of the answers were helpful.

  • It's an unrooted Android 5.1.
    The device has been factory reset.
  • Once I begin the encryption process, screen is stuck with displaying bare android logo: bare android logo, with no progress bar, no text, no nothing

    Seen pictures on the internet with some progress indication, which is missing in my case, so something must be up:
    enter image description here

  • The phone does not overheat, so the encryption clearly hasn't begun.
  • I'm able to cancel the process by holding power button for 10s.
    Once rebooted, the system is untouched, just as it was before the encryption attempt.
  • Retried the process with $ adb logcat active on USB.
    Nothing suspicious in the logs, although I don't know what to look for too.

    Meta: Will delete the link with logs and paste only relevant lines once there's a working solution.

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