Is there a shortcut in Samsung DeX to minimize all windows and display the desktop?

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Hit Meta+Enter.

To view more shortcuts, hit Meta+!.

Pro-tip : do it from Chrome and you'll see Chrome's shortcuts as well !

win (meta) + up = maximize
wim + down = minimize
wim + m = maps
win + s = SMS
win + d = desktop/minimize all
win + f = finder/search device
win + k = calendar (kalendar??)
win + L = lock
win + enter = seems to also be show desktop
win + q = quick settings panel (wifi/bt etc on/off controls)
win + e = email
win + I = bixby, unavailable in DeX mode
win + P = music default app
win + left/win + right = pin app to 1/2 of screen side by side

"Meta+Enter" will minimize all the current open windows on the desktop and pressing "Meta+Enter" again will reopen the windows.

You can also press "Meta+/" to view all the default shortcuts on Samsung DeX.

If you want more than the default shortcuts then you can install an app called "Desktop Hub". This app will give you lots of extra cool shortcut keys for different stuff on Samsung DeX.

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