I'm not a big fan of my lock screen getting hijacked by whatever music app is currently playing. Is there a setting, app, or work around that can disable album art from being displayed on my lock screen? Preferably without rooting.

I'm using a Moto X Pure Edition running Nougat. I would prefer solutions that work for Google Play Music.


  • I'm not sure about any settings but you can use VLC as your music player and can disable lock screen cover.
    – Ravindra
    Jan 11 '18 at 22:00

Google Play Music, since version 8.7, has a setting to enable/disable album arts on the lock screen.

  1. Open Google Play Music, then open Settings.
  2. In the Play back section, disable "Show album art on lock screen".


The album art will now be shown next to the music buttons instead of taking over the whole screen when it is locked.

Note: Tested on versions 8.8 and 8.18.

Source: Google Play Music v8.7 adds option to disable album art on the lock screen

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