As of version 2.2.74 my Android Outlook does not sync any contacts.

The previous version has synced all of my coworkers from Office 365, but after a factory reset my coworker contacts are missing.

There is a setting in the application that shows if I enable contact synchronization and it is set on.

In Accounts and synchronization settings, I have an Outlook type account, and it has the Sync contacts set on and the last sync took place seconds ago.

In the new version of Outlook Android, there is a new tab called Persons, and it says I have 0 contacts. I guess this new feature is not working as expected.

Do you have any idea why these settings can't help?


Well, it seems, they restructured how the contacts are synchronized.

I checked my Outlook on my computer, and it has 2 separate contact store options:

Address book - mycompanyemail@mycompany.com

Contacts - mycompanyemail@mycompany.com

All my company coworkers were in the Address book and my Contacts were empty.

I copied them to Contacts and now they are all synchronized - even appear in the new Contacts tab of Outlook Android.

So to draw a lesson: always check your online Contacts and see what it contains.

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