Now I have Snapchat 10.23.11 on Huawei and my friend has the same ver but on Samsung device. I have muted system Camera app and in system app there's no shutter sound. In snapchat when I'm takeing a photo by back cam without flash light there's annoying shutter sound but my friend on her Samsung device with the same Snap version doesn't have a shutter sound. What's going on? When I had a Snap version from about October 2017 there wasn't shutter sound. Last days I've updated Snap app and all others app and the shutter sound apperared. How to remove the shutter sound?


That probably means that the Snapchat app is taking an actual photo as opposed to a screenshot of the viewfinder which is done on most Android Snapchat devices for compatibility, which explains why Android Snapchat quality is rubbish. However some phones like Samsung Galaxy S7, the rear camera makes a shutter sound because it takes an actual photo and not a screenshot of the preview feed.

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  • Thank You for your answer. The problem is solved, I've installed TWRP and removed camera shutter ogg file. – patrykbajos Jun 17 '18 at 6:49

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