When attempting to create a Google Play Family group, Google asks for credit card information.

Is it possible to create a Google Play Family group using a Google Play Gift Card?


Not possible

From Google support Google Family plan Without Credit Card?

Currently, you HAVE to have a credit card on file to use as the Family Payment method. Even if everyone in the Family then uses their own payment method or the credits redeemed to their own accounts instead.

IMO, it sounds logical - a credit card establishes owner traceability and prevents two family accounts being operated by same person (which is not permitted - see family group requirements ) whereas a gift card doesn't

  • Thanks! BTW, why does Google need "owner traceability", given that having sufficient funds should be all that matters? Also, could a pre-paid credit card be used? – RockPaperLizard Jan 15 '18 at 8:06
  • I really can't answer why it needs but going by a) normal business modus operandi b) you cannot be a part of two family accounts as I understand , so that may be a check that you don't use the same credit card again. Regarding pre paid I have no idea. All this is from Internet. Family accounts are not permitted in my country so can't say for sure – beeshyams Jan 15 '18 at 8:19
  • Possibly pre paid CC can be set up as a family payment method to restrict purchases – beeshyams Jan 15 '18 at 8:26
  • Welcome. Updated answer including aspect of one person not being a part of two family accounts – beeshyams Jan 15 '18 at 8:39
  • 1
    "Owner traceability" is a key factor to determining that the locale of the transaction is never associated with an account holder in export-restricted countries. There was a question related to financial transactions from Myannmar (Burma), which is on the restricted list, on this stackexchange just within this past week. Gift cards are transient, so there is zero assurance of this. – wbogacz Jan 15 '18 at 12:20

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