Smartphones have heavy restrictions, compared to tablets. Already an annoying flaw in 2012 (Galaxy S3, Note 2), not yet fixed on Galaxy Note 8. **Sony Xperia** has fixed it with Z2, however.

  • Many applications, even homescreen and lockscreen, enforce vertical rotation. http://www.quora.com/Its-2016-Why-wont-my-homescreen-and-my-lockscreen-rotate
  • YouTube mobile: Comments and related videos can not be browsed in horizontal view on the right display size like this on tablets: YouTube horizontal view on tablets.
  • If I use my phone via MHL-HDMi or Miracast/Screen Mirroring on an external display, vertical rotation enforcement is highly annoying.
  • Some applications can override rotation enforcement, but the running application still thinks it is running on a smartphone, and keeps DPi low.

How can I make an application such as YouTube think that the device appears as tablet, so that it can show a superior user interface, instead of the crippled mobile UI which nobody can stand?.

  • I'm also looking to transform my device into a tablet, see here. Unfortunately the only viable solution for UI change seems to be Xposed + App Settings, which requires root / custom recovery, and doesn't seem to apply to SystemUI anymore, so my target can't be established, but it might work for you. – Andy Yan Jan 15 '18 at 12:27

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