I used TWRP to make a backup ( with the default options ) to make a backup to my external SDCard.

Then I used TWRP to perform a default factory reset

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I did not manually touch anything else. I booted my android to check if I got a factory reset but I did not wipe anything else or install anything.

If I now boot into recovery I see "Philz Touch 6

enter image description here

Now I am confused, normally at this point I saw the TWRP GUI ?

Is TWRP still on my phone Why is Philz Touch there now ?

PS: This was the first time I used the key combination to boot into recovery. Before the factory reset I used the app "quick boot" to boot into recovery.

enter image description here

But I assume both methods ( app and physical buttons ) have the same results.

So my Question is where is TWRP after I performed a TWRP Factory Reset ?

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    I see on XDA that your device has custom recoveries that can host both TWRP and Phil's. Did you flash such a recovery? (Most likely). In that case it's better to go through the recovery forum and you may find the reason. You can always post the findings here :)
    – beeshyams
    Commented Jan 19, 2018 at 10:51
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    Yes, under nut.xperia-files.com/html/xzdualrecovery-manual.html I could find that I have both recoveries and that there are different key combinations to launch either of them Commented Jan 19, 2018 at 11:53

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After the comment above I see on XDA that your device has custom recoveries that can host both TWRP and Phil's I searched my windows PC for the installation file that I flashed to install TWRP. The filename is XZDualRecovery

Google then gave me this link having the manual

This means I have both PhilZ Touch AND TWRP installed.

I solved my problem by the correct key combination during startup:

  • press VOL-UP for PhilZ Touch;
  • press VOL-DOWN for TWRP.

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