I wanted to check if Rescue Party, a much touted feature of Oreo is active on my device ( since it is not mandated in Android Compatibility Definition Document as the linked source says)

The first step is to override USB connection (suppression) , since

All rescue events are suppressed when the device has an active USB data connection because that's a strong signal that someone is debugging the device

To do that run

adb shell setprop persist.sys.enable_rescue 1

My device returns

setprop: failed to set property 'persist.sys.enable_rescue' to '1'

Can I conclude from this that Mi A1 doesn't support Rescue Party? ( some explanation would help)

Aside, this XDA thread No, Android Oreo’s Rescue Party is not the bootloop fix you were looking for gives useful details on Rescue Party ( Please note that my device is not rooted )

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