Had this old phone lying around. I thought I re-purpose it for some IoT stuff. It an old Micromax A50 Ninja (running ginger bread 2.3.6). I want to make an app on this device that communicates with arduino. However, I cannot sign into the device. I re-checked with my credentials else where, and they checkout to be fine. But on this device, the sign-in still fails.

Is this because the OS is outdated? Well, can I do anything on this phone, now that this is the state of the device os?

  • "Secondly" is totally off-topic here (this site is for end-users, not for development issues) – so I took the freedom to remove that part. Furthermore, this site works best if you put each question in a separate question post. As for the remaining part: Why? You don't even need any account to use the device. Have you tried a factory reset? Being that ancient, there's no danger of encountering "factory reset protection" (FRP); simply boot into recovery and do it. – Izzy Jan 29 '18 at 11:11

The best solution seems to be to add an app password: https://myaccount.google.com/apppasswords

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