I heard HTC is providing online services via HTCSense.com. I have HTC Desire phone. How do I login to this site. when I open it it asks for authentication :(

Update: The service is live now. I just checked. Currently only two phones are supported: Desire HD and Desire Z. Heck I need for Desire :(

  • This isn't much of an Android question. I'm not sure that it belongs on this site. – DarthNoodles Jan 13 '11 at 23:36

This is how I got it working:

  1. I registered a new account through my Mobile phone (HTC Desire HD, during phone setup).
  2. I got an email from htc sense with a link in it to confirm my account
  3. clicking the link open a page to htc sense, and tries to complete the registration and log you to your account page, but in my case it kept hanging
  4. While in the confirmation page, I clicked on login again and were able to log in even though registration was still ongoing. Apparently the acocunt gets registered even though the page hangs.

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