I am trying to set my android device's background image to change daily. I have been using Google's Wallpaper app but recently have been getting repeats. I am trying to use unsplash source instead. Is there a way I can do this, without root, using unsplash source?


There's an app called Casualis this app let's you do exactly what you're looking for.


  • Set a random wallpaper every 1/3/6/12 hours or every 1/3/7 days, at the time you prefer;
  • Choose a wallpaper manually among over 3000 high-resolution images or use your own images;
  • Set a random wallpaper using the widget or with a shake of your smartphone;
  • Apply random effects to the wallpapers;
  • Customize Casualis by buying extra functionalities.

I never used the app, but it seems to have some good reviews

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