i'm using Titanium Backup to restore my data and apps,but clicking "install" and "done" is driving me crazy. Is there a setting for that?


"0-click" batch restore (as the Market page describes it) is one of the features of the Pro version. You cannot do it in the free version, but purchasing a key for the Pro version allows you to perform a batch restore unattended.

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I had to buy the TB app in order to do a full restore of my apps without prompting for each one. I uninstalled it immediately thereafter as I found it to be a useless FREE app thus, misleading as a free app. Only the paid version works correctly - yes, I said correctly. I don't like people, companies or anything that intentionally lies, misrepresents or misleads or accidentally even for that matter.

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  • Your answer might be better-received if you edit it to focus on solving the problem instead of just complaining about the app. – Dan Hulme Jun 14 '18 at 10:46

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