I have an older Android phone and recently updated to Android v5. Since the update I keep receiving a notification on my screen to update the software again (it also automatically downloads a 250mb file). This update however has no effect (it keeps re-installing the same version). I am therefore looking for a way to disable it.

A previous post on this site suggested to go to the Application Manager > All > Software Updater and then subsequently to Disable the app and clear the cache.

I did this but it had no effect. In fact it made things more complex:

  • I have now two Software Updater apps (one is v3.19 which I cannot disable, and the other is v4.2 which I turned off)

  • After disabling v3.19, I cannot do anything anymore when opening it. It is not turned off and all buttons are disabled (see screenshot below).

Two Software Updater AppsScreenshot of v3.19



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