I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.3.5

  1. There is no app for Market on the phone.
  2. When I get to market directly, it only shows my Iconia and I've already downloaded things there that I also want on my Galaxy.
  3. When I'm told to sign in to google account, it says I can't add that account, it's already there. I'm not trying to add it, I'm trying to sign in through the google system.
  4. Skype will not download, either.
  • Maybe a factory reset could help too, at least with signing into the google account
    – Adinia
    Feb 2, 2012 at 8:27

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Have you tried installing the Market? I've installed the 3.4.4 Market from Android Police a few times, if you're looking for a safe file. Just put it on your SD card or internal storage (make sure it has the .apk extension) and install it via a file manager. Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources needs to be checked for this.

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