I've accidentally deleted some photos on Oneplus 3T and would like to get the full disk image so to be able to perform recovery using magicrescue:

magicrescue -r jpeg-exif -d output-dir disk-image.img

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29442630/disk-image-dd-from-android-to-my-computer seems to answer the question but devices (/dev/***) naming on Oneplus 3T seems to differ and not standard and I'm not able to perform the copy.


Devices of system and data partitions on Oneplus 3T are the following:


To copy them to computer run (smartphone must be rooted):

adb pull /dev/block/dm-0 dm-0.img
adb pull /dev/block/dm-0 dm-1.img

This is not possible. Oxygenos mounts the data partition with the discard mount argument

A trim command is sent to the storage controller as soon as you delete a file

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