I have my SIM card set to block the number I'm calling from when calling out. I need this due to work.

What is annoying is that some contacts I need to get a hold of will usually not pick up "Unknown numbers" that call, requiring me to leave a message. I know if I turn my Call ID back on, they pick up right away. I understand this behaviour, and I do it as well.

My issue is that on my phone, I have to go through 5 menus before my number is unblocked, then back to the main Phone screen, then make the call, then back to those 5 screens to turn the blocking back on.

I know I can block per call, but then I need to remember to turn this on. Is there an easy way I can quickly enable/disable the Call Block setting? I'm on an Asus ZenFone 3 on the Telus network (purchased through 3rd party supplier, not from Telus directly)


Just put *31# before the number you're calling.

More information: Enabling Caller ID.

Depending on the operator and country, there are a number of prefix codes that can unblock Caller ID.

  • Australia: 1832 (landline and mobile phones)
  • Czech Republic: 31 (landline)
  • Denmark: 31
  • Germany: *31# (Some mobile providers)
  • India: *31#
  • Ireland: *31# (dialling from mobile) 142 (dialling from landlines)
  • Japan: 186
  • Hong Kong: 1357
  • New Zealand: 0196 (Telecom/Spark)
  • North America: *82 (*UB, UnBlock), 1182 (rotary phone)
  • Switzerland: #31#
  • United Kingdom: 1470

On GSM mobile networks, callers may dial *31# before the number they wish to call to enable caller ID.

  • Perfect! Worked when calling my work phone! Thanks! Jan 30 '18 at 21:38
  • 2
    I bet you could edit your friend's phone number so it is *31# 123457 etc. so they are always unblocked.
    – Alex B
    Feb 5 '18 at 18:07

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