I broke my OnePlus3T the other day. The screen is cracked, doesn't show anything and the touch screen is not responsive. This has happened before, but this time I want to fix it myself since it is very expensive to get it fixed.

Since it's my first time trying to fix a phone, I have a these questions:

1) Can an average Joe like me even change a OnePlus3T screen? (Or is it too difficult?)

2) What parts do I need to buy? (If I just buy a new screen and apply it, will the touch also be working again, or will I need more than just a new screen?)

3) Is it necessary to buy special equipment? (Or will my average Joe equipment do?)


I found this video about it. You might be able to find some other ones on Google... For me, it is too difficult to change the screen (any screen, from any phone), and I wouldn't risk it.

It requires as tools (described on the video):

  • Plastic Triangle opening tool
  • T2 Torx screwdriver
  • Nylon Spudger
  • A SIM Card ejection tool
  • Fine tip curved tweezers
  • Precision knife set
  • 2mm red adhesive roll
  • heat gun
  • Professional Phillips Screwdriver
  • Cards (playng cards)

I would say most of these equipment will be really necessary, since you will need to perform high precision tasks.

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