How do I convert/export WhatsApp chat (by chat person/group) to PDF/Excel/ HTML so that I can open it in a computer? I've tried several methods:

  1. Manual way using screenshot and stitching it using Android app. To be honest, I really don't want using this method. It's the most cumbersome way.

  2. The preferred way, using an app called Backup Text for Whats. This app is the one that has the most feature that I know about. It can filter to backup WhatsApp chat based on person/group chat, and can even convert all your chat to the desired format. It can convert to HTML (which can then be converted to PDF including the images downloaded), Excel (and download images separately), or even text. It's most versatile app that I know about when it comes to backing up whatsapp messages. You needed to install Tri-Crypt first to use it. My Android is 4.2, but now with the current WhatsApp version, it is not functioning. I don't know why.

Does anyone know any other method? Has anybody tried Backup Text for Whats app and why is it not functioning anymore?

Note: whatever the method, it should maintain how it is displayed in WhatsApp, if possible.


Fortunately for you, WhatsApp actually has a built-in option for this. No need for third party apps!

WhatsApp has an option called "email chat" which converts your chat into a word document containing all conversation with a specific person or group.

Simply open WhatsApp, press on the conversation you'd like to backup. Open the menu on top right, press on "more" ->" email chat" it will ask you if you want to include your media or not. It will then bring you to your email app where you can select a recipient. You can choose yourself as the receiver. After you receive the email, You'll be able to open the conversation as a word document.

Depending on the app you use to view word documents, you should have an option to save as PDF.

This is how it will be displayed in your word document:

2/2/18, 03:55 - smith: text

2/2/18, 03:55 - jack: text

2/2/18, 03:56 - Smith: text

Emojis will be included in the word document. Media and voice notes will be sent in a separate file.

  • Will it be displayed as what it looks like in the app? or as I email it will be converted to text, then we can view it in doc? is that what you mean? – Rextia Feb 4 '18 at 10:53
  • It will be converted to text. I'll post an example when i have a chance – aBochur Feb 4 '18 at 13:59
  • 1
    No need.. I'm searching for a method that can maintain how it is displayed in the app. – Rextia Feb 4 '18 at 14:18
  • @Rextia i read your question a few times, and i don't see any mention of this. Please edit your question to make that part more obvious. You mention a few times how you want text or HTML that's what confused me – aBochur Feb 4 '18 at 15:13
  • Sory it was in my other question..I'll edit here too – Rextia Feb 4 '18 at 17:19

Not the Android stuff, but I wrote an extension for the Chrome browser that helps you save messages to your PC from WhatsApp Web.

If you check the ‘try grabbing media’ checkbox it will also fetch all the media that were ever sent in a chat.

It will create a ZIP archive with all your messages and media, easy to open and read in your browser. It will have the same look as WhatsApp Web.

Here’s the link to the extension: Backup WhatsApp Chats


Dude, I was looking for answer similar to your question, and what I just figured out, that works at least for me, is is via directly selecting the text in the chat I want to export, and then click on the "print" option.

You know... like printing to a pdf file.

It worked just fine to export the formatted text (that was what I was looking for specifically)


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