I have data from an app I would like to be synced. It writes into a directory, and and has no settings for what dir. I would like it to write to a different dir, one that is synced.

I'm on a nexus 5x, running stock 8.1.0 fully updated. I have root. I'm trying to make things written to /storage/self/primary/sleep-data go to /storage/self/primary/sync/phone/sleep-data

ln -s doesn't work, I'm thinking a filesystem issue, though looking through the output of mount it wasn't clear what the filesystem actually is. /storage/self is mounted as tmpfs.

mount -o bind /storage/self/primary/sleep-data /storage/self/primary/sync/phone/sleep-data

This works, but only as root.

I did try mount -o bind,shared with and without namespace seperation set in supersu, as suggested by Rob W

I suspect it's related to this: How to "mount --bind" directories in Android 4.4?

That does have a workaround, but it's looking like I'm approaching this the wrong way.

That seems to be related to external SD cards only.

What is the android way to solve this problem?


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