I was trying to look up some way on upgrading this device I have to a later version (kitkat) so I'd have more functionality with this tab. I know it is a bit of a low end device but is highly able to be overclocked. The build version is MHTMID-B718DC8_20140716 and android 4.2.2. Kernel Version 3.4.39 swtest@swtest-desktop #37. I also was looking for a custom recovery as cwm doesn't support my device. I have rooted the device using Kingo Root. Hopefully its possible. Its a Mikona brand tablet

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There are a lot of custom Android ROMs out there, you need to find one that was made for your specific device. XDA-developpers and FreakTab are good places to look. Flashing requires a few utilities, but it is a fairly straight-forward process. Whomever made a custom ROM for your device would tell you the specific flashing procedure and utilities for your tablet.

Your first step is to find a custom ROM that was made for your specific tablet. I still run custom KitKat ROMs on a couple of old phones.

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