I recently got a Huawei P10, but there is only Huawei HiApp store, not Google Play Store. I want to download the Google Play Store, but I cannot find it in the HiApp store.

How can I install Google Play Store on this Huawei device?


Huawei devices (and other smartphone brands) whose default ROM originates from China, have a certain geo-restriction that prevents accessing most Google apps and services and most (if not all) don't ship with Google Playstore pre-installed.

Instead the OEM based store called HiApp, is the default app store, with which you can download more apps. Fortunately the process of installing Google Play store is not a big hassle at all if you reside outside China (otherwise you might need to install a VPN beforehand).

Using the HiApp store app, you can simply search and install Google Play store in a few taps as shown in the screenshot:

enter image description here

You coud also you the web version of app store here: http://appstore.huawei.com

alternatively you get still get the .apk file on apkmirror and side-load it normally.

PS I have a Huawei tablet with China ROM, that did not have Google playstore preinstalled and I simply used the above process, and it works well alongside microG.

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The Google Play app should already be installed on your phone. Look in your App drawer.

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