I need to turn the mobile hotspot off using ADB. I'm using various Samsung phones with Android 7 & 8.

I'm planning on opening the settings activity and using keyevents. I know the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering settings page is com.android.setting/.TetherSettings but beneath that there is a Mobile Hotspot page. Does anyone know how to open that page with ADB?

I'm open to alternative methods of turning mobile hotspot on and off with ADB.

Suggested solution in How to turn on the wi-fi hotspot using ADB? does not work for the phones I've got.

On Android 7 and earlier you can achieve the desired result by turning on Wifi (which automatically disables the hotspot) and then turning Wifi off again. However Android 8 thwarts this by popping up a warning dialog which has to be dismissed.

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