I Have reset my phone and lost gapps Does anyone know how to install gapps on j3119s ?

I've tried everything but seems it doesn't work in this device

  1. open gapps (flash from twrp)
  2. gapps-5.1.x-20150404-minimal-edition-signed from XDA (flash from twrp)
  3. google installer (ussualy work on xioami china ROM)
  4. etc

I'm really frustated, help really appreciated...

  • Have you lost PlayStore and Play Services as well? – Wrichik Basu Feb 10 '18 at 12:13

One of my friend had the same issue in past, and ii resolved this issue by flashing new Firmware (The reliable and trusted solution). I have made a rough search for you and found following link with detailed instructions:


in case you have nay difficulty in process, let me know.

Before proceeding with the solution, download Samsung drivers from their official website from here and install.



  • Thanks for the reply. SM-J3119 is different from my SM-J3119s, i saw it on many thread – Bob Feb 10 '18 at 17:49

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