I have .memo files on my PC from the default memo app on a previously owned Samsung phone. When opened in Notepad, the files do not contain plain text. How can I recover the contents of the memos?


By using VLC player or downloading Samsung Note for PC as mentioned here

Related methods mentioned here for export - see Husni's answer of zip file solution and others

How can I export Samsung memos?


I wrote my own "memo2txt" converter in Python. Here is the script (first you'll need to install Python libs using pip):

import os
import re
import glob
import zipfile
import xmltodict
from datetime import datetime

MEMO_PATH = r'i:\MY\PROGRAMMING\AndroidMemoExtracter\MemoFiles'
RESULTS_PATH = r'i:\MY\PROGRAMMING\AndroidMemoExtracter\Results'

memos = glob.glob(MEMO_PATH + '\*.memo')

for i, memo in enumerate(memos):
    print('{}/{} - {}'.format(i+1, len(memos), memo))

        # Extract *.memo file and read the content
        archive = zipfile.ZipFile(memo, 'r')
        memo_content = archive.read('memo_content.xml').decode('utf-8')
        cleanr = re.compile('&.*?;')
        memo_content = re.sub(cleanr, '', memo_content)
        memo_content = xmltodict.parse(memo_content)
        text = memo_content['memo']['contents']['content']

        # Generate filename from memo timestamp
        timestamp = int(memo_content['memo']['header']['meta'][2]['@createdTime'][:10])
        date = datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp).strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S')
        file_name = '{}.txt'.format(date)

        # Save file as a *.txt
        with open(os.path.join(RESULTS_PATH, file_name), 'w', encoding='utf-8') as file:

    except zipfile.BadZipFile:

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