I have a tablet that came with no Google (suite) applications however I managed to install them manually and are working pretty fine. The only issue is with Gmail application which seems to have problem with Google play services.

Everytime I open the Gmail application it shows a rather awkward, uncommon error meassage that reads: Gmail relies on Google Play services, which is not supported by your device. Contact the manufacturer for assistance` and I can't sync new emails or send new mails.

enter image description here

In my opinion this is a false alert, since other Google applications, work well and seem to interact well with the Google play services.

Previously to solve this issue with reference to Gmail, I have ditched Google play services in support of microG which works well with Gmail (version 6.4120760496) (as in I can sync new inbox messages and send mails from within the app).

However microG still misses some important aspects which is why I tried to switch to using default Google Play services implementation.

Things I have tried to resolve the issue:

  • clearing cache/data for Gmail, Google Play services, Google service framework
  • factory rest
  • ROM flashing (initally works but after some period of use the error shows up again)
  • Updating to latest Google Play services
  • Wiping cache
  • Unistalling and reinstalling Gmail (initially works but error starts showing after some time)

Any way to fix this?

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    This isn't really deserving of an answer but why not try EasyMail or some other client. I don't particular care for the default Gmail interface anyways.
    – William
    Feb 14 '18 at 17:13
  • Thanks William, I also have been considering alternatives even Outlook mail if doesn't give me problems Feb 15 '18 at 4:21

I believe it might not be a false alert... Your tablet may not be certified for Google Play, and that's probably why you are seeing this message.

Try this:

On your computer browser, go to the Google Play Services app page on the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...roid.gms&hl=en. Click the Installed button, and see if you can select your RCA tablet to install to.

Got it from here

  • But then other apps work fine,also I have already installed google play services on my device and only gmail is problematic Feb 15 '18 at 4:23

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