Sellers often specify on their site if a device support Firmware OTA updates, or not.

Two questions:

  1. If the OS is original android - why wouldn't it support Firmware OTA updates?

  2. After I received a phone - how can I immediately check if it supports Firmware OTA updates, without waiting for the next update?


Examples for phones:

With OTA:




Scroll all the way down and look for this message:

Pls read me before you make order.

we will open the original box to check the phone and install Multi-language ROM
and Google play store.
Official rom will be prefered.
if custom translation may does not cover all the menus.
Not support OTA update.                    <--<---<------
We may update the ROM, so the OS version may different as the screenshots.


In local stores I noticed it mostly about whether the device was bought from an official distributor, or from a parallel distributor.

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