My Samsung Note 3 SM-N900 series got stuck in the bootloader loop, due to which I had to do a factory reset. The good thing is that my smartphone is out of the bootloader loop after the reset but all my private data including documents and pictures have been deleted.

I am trying to recover the data using testdisk in Redhat, but the results of deeper search through testdisk are not fetching anything back. So, I decided to shift to windows 10. I was watching this tutorial to recover the data back using testdisk in windows. The problem I am encountering is that when I connect my device in the computer, It does not show any "sdb" drives connected to it in the command line interface, But I am able to see and access my device in the graphical user interface "This PC".

How am I suppose to access this device through command line interface to proceed further? Also any other methods to recover the lost data are also welcome.

I am adding images of the output displayed by the testdisk tool on windows:
for photo click here
photo 1
photo 2
Image source: My personal computer



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