I'm developing on a Huawei phone, and to enable logging on this device one must dial *#*#2846579#*#* to get to a hidden service menu, as described in this answer on Stack Overflow.

Is there any way I can save this code as a contact and "dial" it from the favourites list for easy access? Of course I tried just adding a new contact with the code as the number, but when I "dial" it the phone actually dials the number instead of opening the hidden service menu, resulting in a "Sorry, you can't dial this number" voice message from my phone operator.


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It is not meant to be dialled as an ordinary contact number

Quoting from this answer

What the dialer really does when you enter the code is extracting the number between *#*# and #*#* and then broadcasting the following intent....

Saving it as a contact and trying to dial means it is a treated as a regular, valid number

  • Which is rejected by the service provider , since it is not a valid number

  • Expected code is not launched since the corresponding intent is not triggered

You can try creating a shortcut to the intent using an apps like Tasker


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