I'm developing on a Huawei phone, and to enable logging on this device one must dial *#*#2846579#*#* to get to a hidden service menu, as described in this answer on Stack Overflow.

Is there any way I can save this code as a contact and "dial" it from the favourites list for easy access? Of course I tried just adding a new contact with the code as the number, but when I "dial" it the phone actually dials the number instead of opening the hidden service menu, resulting in a "Sorry, you can't dial this number" voice message from my phone operator.


It is not meant to be dialled as an ordinary contact number

Quoting from this answer

What the dialer really does when you enter the code is extracting the number between *#*# and #*#* and then broadcasting the following intent....

Saving it as a contact and trying to dial means it is a treated as a regular, valid number

  • Which is rejected by the service provider , since it is not a valid number

  • Expected code is not launched since the corresponding intent is not triggered

You can try creating a shortcut to the intent using an app like this or apps like Tasker

  • Okay, so is there any way of storing it as some kind of shortcut, other than a contact?
    – Magnus
    Feb 19 '18 at 6:52

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