I have successfully installed Lineage OS on Samsung S4 Mini GT-I9195, but now I got a GT-I9195I which should be a more advanced model with better CPU. I can't find any reliable informations, if this model is also suitable for Lineage.

  • Usually the "plus", "+", "VE" or "Value Edition" are not really upgraded versions but variants that are cheaper for Samsung to manufacture. In case of i9195i you get more CPU cores but each core is a slower than the cores of i9195. Most software not being able to scale up to 4 cores makes the i9195i probably slower in real world. Commented Apr 17, 2019 at 14:09

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serranoveltexx (GT-i9195i, 4G single-SIM, SD410; the "ve" stands for "value edition") is not a part of the official LOS build roster, and likely won't be due to the lower popularity.

There are unofficial builds available at XDA-Developers: 14.1, 15.0. Note that you need the packages for your specific variant (marks "ve").


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