I use Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with External Keyboard Helper Pro as my keyboard of choice on an Android 7.0 Tablet.

Also Gboard when I'm not using the external keyboard.

When the external keyboard is connected, and by pressing cmd + space, the keyboard being used will be switched to the other.

But instead of switching between all the installed soft keyboards, it switches between handwriting recognition and External Keyboard Pro.

On the other hand, if I manually switch to Gboard with the keyboard selector icon, the cmd + space shortcut switches between the default Android keyboard and Gboard only.

Is there a way to configure the language switch to choose between External Keyboard Pro and Gboard only?

Or make it switch between all available input methods?

I tried disabling the handwriting recognition input method and now, when External Keyboard Pro is selected, cmd + space does nothing.

I tried disabling the Android Keyboard (AOSP) and it automatically disables Gboard as well.

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